The Cultne film documentary collection is an archive of documentary films made by Brazilians that demonstrate to the world how Brazilians lived, worked and played from the advent of the country to the present. The Collection is now yours to view, to download and to play with for the first time. The primary focus is on preserving the black experience in Brazil through the curation and creation of relevant video, music and film works. Since its inception in 2009 Cultne Media has amassed more than 3.000 hours of digital works covering the history and culture of black Brazil making it the largest aggregator of the black experience in South America. Cultne’s core advocates are the vastly underserved Afro Brazilians who seek political and economic empowerment and believe showcasing their talent and contributions to the universe is a key foundational element. The universal appeal of this content is proven by the fact that the Cultne community demographics is split evenly between males and females, spans the 16 to 54 age range, and has accumulated 10 million YouTube page visits from all parts of Brazil and the world. The viability of Cultne was validated when it received a founding grant from the State of Rio de Janeiro and subsequent institutional support from various governmental organizations and strategic partnerships.

Seen by millions of people in over 100 countries worldwide, this content presents an historic and contemporaneous snapshot of black Brazil, portraying its landscapes and its people. The Collection is fantastically varied, covering anything from religious topics to sports as well much news stories from various Brazilian media entities. They provide the world with a unique insight – not necessarily into how Brazil was – but more into how Brazil once wanted to be perceived by the rest of the world. Cultne believes that such a strategy fills a significant void in the Afro Brazilian and global community. Now, the Collection is available to content producers, academics, and a generation of new viewers.


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